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Tableau | Version 10.5 - What's new & gain relevant insight

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Everybody was wrong thinking that Christmas was over. With Tableau’s release of their new version 10.5, they just gave us this year’s best Christmas present. The new version includes, among other things, Tableau’s new in-memory data engine technology, Hyper.

Get hyped with Hyper
In tests, Hyper has proven to give a performance increase of up to 3 times on extract-creation and up to 5 times in query-execution summing up to a significant performance upgrade ultimately leading to a significant upgrade in user-experience.

With 5 times faster query-execution, complex dashboards thereby open faster, filters are faster and the design phase is smoother. This is made possible because every action in Tableau is being translated into database queries and these are being processed much faster with Hyper. The result is an even better user experience from both a developer perspective and an end-user perspective.

The Hyper platform opens to a lot more product innovation in the future, so get hyped with Hyper.

Viz in Tooltip
Beside Hyper, version 10.5 also gives the user the opportunity to integrate visualization in tooltips. This allows us to bring more context into our dashboards, allowing the user the possibility to interact with their data on an even deeper level.

In practice it works by embedding visualizations into the tooltips. These are being revealed on either hover or selections in your visualizations within the workbook. Viz in tooltip is a great alternative to many of the solutions we use today, resulting in a frictionless analysis of your data.

A platform for the future of analytics
Version 10.5 is the biggest change to Tableau functionality since the move from 8.3 to 9.0. With the new Hyper engine, the platform is geared for the increase in data volume that many of our clients face today. Hyper and the new Tableau Server features like Linux support position Tableau as the continued leader within the industry.

We will continue to see Hyper integrated into the Tableau suite of products, including the new Project Maestro.

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