Heartwork is the culture that makes Inspari unique. But there would not be any Heartwork-culture without all the talents in Inspari. Because here, culture and humans go hand in hand. That is why our promise to each other is quite simple:

We are leading people

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To be part of Inspari requires strong character traits and good grades. It requires passion and performance. It requires fun and seriousness. It requires hearts and brains.

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Among the best
to be the best

Our employees make us unique. That is why we are always interested in hearing from dedicated and talented candidates who will join in on setting the standard for the field – and make us even better. Therefore, on this page, you can see our vacant positions and get an insight into the exciting challenges that await you in Inspari.

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When you grow
we all glow

Knowledge and sparring are something we give to each other – both in everyday life but also in more formalized contexts. The more talented we are individual, the better we are as a team. Regardless of role, the field of responsibility, and experience, our goal is to support your development. This is done through dedicated clubs, academies, education, and certifications that match your ambitions and goals – both professionally and personally.

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Together we are
one team

We take good care of our biggest asset, namely our employees. Continuous, we make sure to give you the best qualifications to perform and prosper in Inspari. This is done through professional knowledge sharing and sparring – and through shared experiences and activities. Our active personal club, Inspari Social Club, arranges a range of activities while Inspari is in charge of others – and sometimes, it is a joint venture.

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Leading clients
lead to passion

Our customers are among Denmark’s biggest and most ambitious. We are here to help our customers make data an asset and empower them to act on data. That is why we work equally with data and humans. Because data does not change the world – humans do.