Dataklubben sæson 7 episode 5

Gary Marcus:
ChatGPT: Step forward or just hype?


In this episode, we are talking with Gary Marcus at Data Day '23. He is a scientist, bestselling author of five books, AI entrepreneur, and a declared AI skeptic. This is recorded the day after the launch of GPT4, so we are talking about the success and failures related to GPT4 – and GPT in general, now and in the future. Because is there data enough – and is this science? 

ChatGPT puts us in a world, where we don't know what science is. We don't know what we've got. When it fails, we don't know why it failed – and when it succeeds, we don't know exactly why it succeeded. It's completely opaque. It's hit or miss. AI will continue to have a significant impact on society, but there needs to be a shift in focus towards building AI systems that can reason, think reliably, and have values.

As AI becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, it is crucial for everyone to become AI-literate and understand the limitations and potential of these tools. By focusing on developing reliable, trustworthy, and value-driven AI systems, we can unlock AI's full potential and make a positive impact on society.

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