Dataklubben sæson 6 episode 6

Novo Nordisk:
Bring data to life
to make life-changing

Today's guests work in a healthcare company and face the ultimate challenge: The difference between success and failure can be the loss of lives.

So how does Novo Nordisk create an environment around data management, AI & Analytics that enables potentially life-saving projects to fail both early and fast? What are data to wisdom sprints? Why was the monolithic data lake a positive mistake? And what are the perspectives of Data Mesh in Novo Nordisk?

Please give it up for Tonia Sideri, Head of the AI & Analytics Center of Excellence, and Thomas B.B. Larsen, Head of Data Management & Analytics, from Novo Nordisk as they share their experience in bringing data to life in a global organisation with a purpose, i.e. to cure diabetes and other serious chronic diseases.

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