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QlikView Meta data

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Meta data in QlikView is much more than just comments of how a measure is calculated. In a well-structured QlikView deployment, you can easily collect informations like:

  • Which qvd data files are read from a qvw document?
  • A list of all fieldnames, expressions, dimensions or variables in a QlikView file structure.

This information is valuable not only for the understanding of a QlikView deployment, but also to identify typical problems like:

  • Compliance with standard name conventions
  • Finding qvd or qvw files that is not in use
  • Finding expressions or dimensions with potential performance issues
  • Etc.

Below you can see that the data file “Customer.qvd” is created by the document file “Customer.qvw” and also used by the document file “ActualFinancePosting.qvw”.

Here you can see that these two calculated dimensions use if-statements and therefore can be a potential performance problem

To read Meta data from a qvw or qvd files you go to script module and use the standard table files wizard.

Then point at a qvd or qvw file and tick Xml file type.

Here is a good example of a well-structured meta-data scanner data model that includes Meta data from all files in a QlikView deployment:

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