Solution Sales Executive 

We have just cut into chapter 4 of our history in Inspari – and you have the opportunity to join in on an amazing journey.

We are looking for an experienced sales executive who can secure that Inspari delivers consultancy services and solutions within the modern data platform, cloud, machine learning, and business intelligence to Denmark’s most data-ambitious businesses.

Your (maybe) future colleagues are great sounding boards and great company, our surroundings in Lyngby are great, and our new strategy is beyond ambitious.

Would you like to join the team Inspari?


A job with 
real substance

You will be part of an international team where you together, and individually, make sure that our customer's data solutions perform beyond the usual – from surveillance and troubleshooting to architecture and performance. You and your colleagues have daily meetings with knowledge sharing and status on different customers. Furthermore, helpfulness is part of our DNA why you will always have colleagues who are ready for sparring.

Look forward to getting your hands on some of the biggest and most complex BI- and data environments. With an overview, presence, and a great understanding of the customer’s business, you will get a unique role in securing stability and especially not least, further development of our customer's different solutions.

Specifically, you will be in charge of smaller projects, daily business, and concrete customer issues and problems & change management. So, your tasks will cover a wide field and you will have a broad range of contacts. Therefore, you have an important role in securing the high customer satisfaction that we are commonly known for in Inspari.

You will be based in our office in Lyngby.

Quote - Whitee

In Inspari, the customer is in the centre of everything we do. I get driven by delivering value for my customers and luckily, my colleagues feel the same way. To create value for the customer’s businesses through data, development, and innovation – that’s the reason I look forward to go to work everyday!


– Julie Godtkjær, Sales Director Large Enterprise, Inspari


Do you see yourself 
in these lines?

In your job, you are a success when:
  • Your customers are happy
  • We reach our ambitious growth target
  • You reach your budget

Your professional competencies:
  • Years of experience with sales in the SMB-market
  • Absolutely solid business understanding
  • Years of experience with selling business intelligence, cloud and/or business-critical solutions
  • Experienced in negotiation technique

Your trait of character:
  • You take responsibility and is goal oriented
  • You are ambitious and focused
  • You are well-liked by everyone and step into a room with good energy
  • You thrive in a particularly proactive and informal environment

Your theory 
in practice

In Inspari, we deliver to a market in constant growth – and that is how it has been the last 12 years. We have a strong brand, and our customers are among Denmark’s most data ambitious.

As a solution sales executive, you will be part of team Commercial where sales and marketing complement each other. You will also take part in close cooperation on the customers with both team leaders and consultants.

You have wide experience with project sales with both hours and software, and you work structured and goal-oriented with our support systems, e.g. MS CRM and BI-reporting, etc. Some of your leads will be born online in or marketing machine, others will you create yourself, e.g. through participation in networking and social selling on LinkedIn. Common for all is that you do quick and effective follow-ups.

You are going to work with an ambitious budget that will be secured through developing existing customers and expanding of the customer portfolio. Your experience makes you able to segment, build, and develop you own portfolio which is to be found under what we call ‘general accounts’.

It takes heartwork 
to be leading people

As part of the heartwork-culture, you will notice that ambitions and expectations go hand in hand with passion and team spirit. We believe that our help-oriented culture with each of our strong competencies and personalities helps us win together.
As a workplace, we want to meet you as the whole human you are – with family, leisure, friends, and ambitions to perform. Therefore, you will meet a high degree of flexibility and trust where you, in respect of the customer, team, and task, can put in your hours whenever it fits you the best.

Our active social club is arranging a wide range of different events so that there are fun and games for everyone to join in on. Our management always makes a huge effort to make sure that every Inspari-event is worth your time if it keeps you away from home.
All of this is just words, which is why we will advise you to visit our Instagram to see photos from both everyday life and parties at Inspari. We promise that you have something good coming your way.

Meet us backstage here

We create the foundation 
you achieve the success

Besides world-class colleagues we offer you:

  • Nice surroundings and terms of employment
  • Flexibility in your weekdays with the opportunity to work from home
  • Ongoing training and education
  • An attractive salary that matches your qualifications
  • An active social club that arranges a wide range of activities
  • An extraordinary workplace

Are you already itching 
to get started?

When, hopefully, you open the dialogue with us – whether you sent a short message on LinkedIn, a video, write down 3 lines about your motivation, or whatever suits you, we would like for you to mention what makes us a great fit. Your words will be treated confidentially and read with genuine interest and curiosity.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact Heino Vigsø, CCO, on or Kristina Borrits, CHRO, on / +45 31 52 80 92.

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