The Danish Consumer Price Index (CPI) - The Story in the Data

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11. september 2014 Skrevet af: Kasper Ulvedal Del med en ven     

This week, I got the pleasure of speaking about new features in the Tableau 8.2 release, at a client event within Inspari. As Story Points is a much highlighted features in 8.2, I had to cover this topic. Therefore, I decided to tell a data story. I got onto the National Statistics Institute of Denmark (Danmarks Statistik) and got my hands on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from which I created my data story.

The Result
I ended up with the visualization displayed below – this is a story about the Danish CPI (forbrugerprisindeks) and a dive into how different categories of product groups has developed since year 2000. Pleace notice, that the visualization has been used to support my speech, so I had the ability to explain details and findings all the way through. If I should create the story for online publication only, I would use way more descriptions to explain the detailed stories further.
The top-bar in the visualization holds the overall story points, and the arrows can be used to walk through the story. Each of the points enables you to filter and highlight items, simply by clicking them – but don’t worry, the points in the story will keep you on track all the way through.

I am sorry that the presentation is in Danish only - unfortunately the dataset is not available in English.

My slides from the presentation
For those of you who attended the event in Copenhagen or Aarhus, you find my slides from the session in the slideshow below. Unfortunately, it is only made in Danish.